Nine Ways to Help Chimpanzees and Other Great Apes

Cast your dollar vote
1 Don’t support movies, circuses, roadside zoos or live entertainment that use chimpanzees or other great apes to entertain. Writing a letter to the editor is a great way of letting others know the conditions they endure for our amusement.
2 Boycott products that use chimpanzees in their advertising campaigns. Contact the companies and explain why you won’t support the exploitation of great apes to sell products. Most companies have toll-free numbers, or a brief letter can make your point.

Make your voice heard
3 Share this website with a friend, co-worker or family member. Many people simply don’t know what chimpanzees face today.
4 Contact your local animal advocacy groups to find out how to get involved with demonstrations and campaigns to help great apes.

Report abuse when you see it
5 Join our “Primate Patrol.” Register as a Chimpanzee Collaboratory activist to receive periodic updates and alerts via email. Write to get on the list.
6 Be a resource to the Chimpanzee Collabloratory. If you see a chimpanzee or other great ape on TV, in an ad, or kept in poor living conditions at a private facility or roadside zoo, let us know right away.

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