The Lives of Chimpanzees

Only about one in six (17%) know that chimps live for 50 years or more.

The overwhelming majority (85%) agree that like human beings, chimpanzees have complex, social, intellectual and emotional lives, including 56% who strongly agree. Just over one in ten (11%) disagree.

Chimpanzees in Captivity

Respondents are clear in their opposition to using chimpanzees in research – 54% say it is unacceptable for chimps to “undergo research which causes them to suffer…for human benefit,” while 65% say it is unacceptable to kill the animals for research.

However, by two to one, a majority say it is acceptable to use chimpanzees in biomedical research if the aim is to find a cure for cancer. 59% think it is acceptable to use chimps in a search for a cure for AIDS.

At the same time, a majority think using chimps in cross-species transplant research (55%), psychological experiments (60%), and product testing (69%) is unacceptable.

55% would support a law prohibiting the use of chimpanzees in painful biomedical research and product testing.

89% say it is inappropriate to keep chimpanzees locked in cages measuring 5′ x 5′ x 7′ for decades (an entirely legal practice under the federal Animal Welfare Act).

79% believe the government should pay for permanent retirement to a sanctuary for chimpanzees who are no longer used for experimentation.

Just over half believe chimpanzees should have the same legal standing as children, with a guardian appointed to look after their interests, while less than one in four (23%) think chimps should be treated like property.

By nearly three to one, respondents would support a law that would give interested people the right to sue on behalf of abused or neglected chimpanzees.

47% are unaware that chimpanzees are eaten in other countries.

Only 25% find the use of chimpanzees in television and movies acceptable. Only 16% say it is acceptable to use chimps in circuses or live shows.

73% would be likely to boycott entertainment venues and advertisers if they new that chimpanzees used in such entertainment were physically abused.

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